A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Mr. Boxman is enjoying a nice tour of the countryside of Funtime Adventureland, however...it seems everything is out to get him! Pull out your best good luck charm and try to survive by jumping at the correct moment, but be careful: sometimes jumping is what will do you in!


  • Elegant Gameplay - With such a simple control scheme, it all boils down to when to jump and if the player is fast enough to react or to notice the traps. Easy to learn. Hard to master.
  • Concise Levels - 5 worlds, each with 10 bite-sized levels, totaling 50 levels (some of which are good)! No endless runner nonsense here; only handcrafted junk!
  • Costumes! - Do you love parodies, puns, and really obscure sitcom references? If you're daring enough to collect all 30 coins in a level, you can unlock a new costume. Including a few bonus costumes, the game has 70 unlockable costumes!

Install instructions

For the Windows/Mac/Linux builds:
Unzip the folder into any directory.

For Windows/Linux builds: Keep all game files in the same folder.


MrBoxman [Windows] 117 MB
MrBoxman [Mac] 97 MB
MrBoxman [Linux] 98 MB
MrBoxman [Android] 72 MB

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The picture is great.The music is very comfortable.The game is moderately difficult.

This game is pretty sweet. It has lots of levels and the hand drawn graphics are really nice. It says it supports gamepads, but I haven't tried that yet. You can control the menus with out a mouse. It's got a lot of funny stuff in it. The levels I've played so far are done well. The Android version doesn't use any system permissions. Unlockable costumes, windowed/full-screen modes, remappable keys, etc... it's almost all good! The only feedback I can think of is that I don't like that it's 420MB on Windows. Also it would be nice if I could export/import saves on Android. The menu navigation could be improved a little as well. It's fun, creative, and well built.

Oooooooooooh noooooooooooo! You really wrote "(some of which are good)"?

... For your concern, didn't you ask yourself what can happen if a player read that only SOME of the levels are GOOD? You see what I mean? He will automatically think that 95% of the levels are bad...

What do you want the player to expect from your game? Don't miss that each time you upload a game and have to write a convincing text.

Take care.